I have set up a forum to help fans organize and play together. Please read the following rules before entering:

  1. You must be 13 or older to enter the forums, or have your parents permission. We will try to moderate out any inappropriate content, but this is the internet, so you can’t keep out everything.
  2. No discussion of hacking, patches, korean social security numbers, insider trading, or any other illegal activity. I’ve written plenty of guides on how to play the game in Japanese, and there’s always this page you can go to import your copy.
  3. Be respectful to one another. Monster Hunter is the type of game that can cause you develop an elitist attitude. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it’s wrong.
  4. Absolutely no discussion of console or game modification.
  5. Do your best to write clearly. Try to use proper punctuation and grammar.
  6. Try to keep your posting to the appropriate forum.
  7. Your first posts must be approved to determine if you’re a spam-bot or not. This will usually be done in under 24 hours, so please be patient!

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